Monday, January 26, 2015

Sunday Meals & Training (and Progress Pics!)

I decided to follow a trend I see a lot in the blogs I follow – What I ate (Wednesday) Sunday!  I know it’s typically a Wednesday post, BUT my meals are a lot less boring on the weekends, and I actually photographed them all, so that’s what you get.

Sunday morning I woke up at 9 and my first priority was breakfast – so I made my go-to breakfast – egg-pizza and toast.  Please note, this tastes absolutely nothing like pizza, John nicknamed it the first time he saw me make it and it stuck…  6 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 1 oz cheddar cheese, sugar-free ketchup + whole wheat toast with spray butter and jelly.

After I ate, I meal-prepped for the week, and did a couple other random chores before heading to the gym at 11:30 to lift chest (here’s a tip – lift chest on Sunday, or Tuesday, or any day other than Monday – you will actually be able to find a bench – you’re welcome).  I have been meaning to start sharing some of my lifts on here so I’ll start with my bench from today – 95 for one set of 10 (warm-up set) 115 for 4 sets of 8, then I did a final set of 95 for 10 – I clearly need to make the move back to 135 but I haven’t had my spotter recently and after I dropped 135 on me a couple years ago I am gun shy about doing it without a spot. But 115 just isn’t gonna cut it much longer!  About 30 minutes before my lift I had a scoop of Volt.

Immediately after my workout I had 2 scoops of Muscletech’s Platinum Whey – this is NOT my favorite flavor (their other flavors are amazing though!) but it is all I have left until I place another order...

I got home, got ready, and John and I went on an impromptu date to Applebee’s!  I had their new Shrimp and Broccoli Cavatappi from the under 600 calorie menu – it was fantastic!  I even made the comment to John that I had a tough time believing it was under 600 calories because it was so good.  I highly recommend it!

I clearly did NOT take this picture, I stole it from their website - my photography skills need work...
After that we came home and spent the rest of the evening laying around and watching movies – my favorite way to spend a Sunday.  Ocean's 12 was on - I love the Oceans movies - and I had actually never seen this one the whole way through.  I folded laundry during commercials and did a few other chores.

Around 6 I got hungry again and made another favorite meal of mine – sweet potatoes, chicken, parmesan cheese, topped with Sriracha sauce.  It doesn't photograph very well, but it is delicious!  Also really good with ground beef.

And to end the day, John and I went to Dairy Queen to – I got the Birthday Cake Oreo (my second one this week!) and I am obsessed – it may be my new favorite, or at least a very close second to the Smores Blizzard.

This is all that was left by the time I got home to take a picture - I have no self control when it comes to ice cream
All of this came up to just about 3000 calories – which is honestly a little less than I was shooting for.  As you will see below, I have lost a little weight in the past 2 weeks, and even though seeing my abs again is nice, my goal is to GAIN weight, so I need to tweak my diet a little to compensate.  I have a tough time gaining weight, and really need to make sure I am eating enough on a daily basis to compensate.  When dieting/training, consistency IS key, but so is knowing when something just isn’t working, so I’ve changed a few things in my daily meal plan and am hoping when I do my next round of progress pictures it will pay off!

Progress Pic 1/10/15
Progress Pic 1/25/15

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