Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How to Survive Rest Day...

Rest days are incredibly important – your body needs ample rest to recover from the workouts you put in and to help your muscles grow.  BUT rest days (for some of us) are a slow, torturous death…  So I give you, ways to survive rest days:

  • Make it an ‘active’ rest day – take the dog for a walk, do some stretching, anything to get your blood flowing without technically ‘working out’.
  • Go on an adventure – this ties into active rest, but with a little more oomph – go hiking, try white-water rafting, do something fun to keep your mind occupied.
  • Take a nap – has it been a long week? Are you in need of a little more recovery than an active rest? Nap – and try not to dream about the gym.
  • Clean your house – seriously – and if it is already spotless, come clean mine.
  • Go see a movie, watch one at home, read a book, take up knitting…
  • Look up all of the dogs needing adopted online, and drive your significant other crazy showing them all the pictures and begging to save them all.
  • Write a blog post.
  • Remember you get to go to the gym tomorrow – this will all be over soon!  How many rest days do you take a week? Do you love them or hate them? 

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