Friday, March 13, 2015

(Late) Bi-weekly check-in and a REVIEW!

I want to share a review with you today of my new absolute FAVORITE pre-workout: Megawatt HD by 1st Phorm!  (And no, I was not compensated for or even asked to do this review – I bought this product with my own hard earned cash and fell in love, so I wanted to share it with you!)
First and foremost – daylight savings time has officially kicked my ass this week – like, all week.  Don’t get me wrong – I love the longer days, but because I start my day at 5 AM and am on the road by 6:30 – my mornings all week have been spent in total darkness, which really messes with me for some reason.  By the time I get off work and finally make it to the gym, I am beat.  My workouts all week have really suffered – until I found Megawatt HD!  I got it in the mail yesterday and took it before I went to train back, and let me tell you – I was immediately impressed.  For the first time this week I had a really amazing workout – I had energy and focus and endurance – I swear I could’ve lifted for 2 hours!  I successfully destroyed my back day and even had the energy after my lift to do some cardio (who am I?!).

From their website:
MegaWatt HD™ has been specifically formulated to boost energy levels and dial in your mental focus during training. MegaWatt HD will take your workouts to the next level by enhancing muscle endurance and vasodilation! Our uncompromising and extremely powerful pre-workout is unlike anything that has ever touched your lips. We took our time with this formula because we weren’t looking to just make another pre-workout … we focused on creating the BEST pre-workout! Period.

MegaWatt HD isn’t just a flavored powder filled with a bunch of stimulants to get you all jacked up before you hit the gym. We wanted to deliver something that would improve muscular endurance as well as something so powerful, you’ll never want to stop training. We would Never Settle® for anything less… and neither should you!

We started MegaWatt HD with research-proven micronized creatine monohydrate to boost ATP production, strength, and overall endurance. Secondly, we added in a potent dose of beta alanine to reduce lactic acid build up and decrease muscle fatigue so you can train longer and harder in the gym. Then we stacked in the Intracellular VoluMax Blend™ to boost blood flow as well as maximize oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscle cells for powerful muscle contractions and skin-tearing pumps. This potent base takes your precious time in the gym to the next level and keeps your body from ever wanting to quit.

The mind is more powerful than the body when it comes to training intensity.  The final evolution was developing the Neurostatic Matrix™. This is the most potent and unheard of blend of powerful nootropics currently on the market today. MegaWatt HD is designed to keep your mind not just focused, but absolutely dialed-in and blasting through the pain while keeping energy levels at their peak. With MegaWatt HD’s dynamic mix of mental focus and ever lasting energy you will never want to give up.

The taste is phenomenal (I got Juicy Watermelon), and it doesn’t take long to kick in which is great for me because I hate to wait on a pre-workout that takes FOREVER to finally kick in.  I felt focused, strong, and ready to kick ass, without feeling overly jittery or weird at all.  And there was no crash at all – just a slow, easy come down without me really even noticing.  Not to mention, I was still able to fall asleep at a regular time after taking it – since I train so late in the day that is always a concern of mine, and a lot of pre-workouts on the market make it really hard for me to sleep even 5-6 hours after taking it – not this though, I slept like a baby!
My only complaint (let’s be real, not everything can be perfect) is the serving size – ¾ of a scoop.  As in, NOT a whole scoop.  I’ve seen this before in other products and have never really understood it – why not just make a smaller scoop to accommodate a serving size?  Either way – make sure to read labels, please – for reasons like this!  It states not to exceed 1 ½ scoops in a day, again, read labels – I know plenty of people (myself included) that takes 2 scoops of pre-workout occasionally – you really need to be careful with this one since 2 servings is NOT 2 scoops.  This is especially important to people that are caffeine sensitive as there is a pretty potent dose in Megawatt HD.  Seriously though, that is my only complaint – otherwise I am absolutely smitten, as I have been with every 1st Phorm product I have ever used.
And before I go, I just realized I missed my bi-weekly check-in post (see – I told you this week has kicked my ass!) – I won’t bore you with everything BUT I did take measurements and snapped some progress pics last night, so I wanted to share them real quick.  One of these days I will get my act together!
Calf:  15 inches
Quad: 23 inches
Hips: 36 inches
Waist: 27 inches
Forearm:  11 inches
Bicep: 13.5 inches
Weight: 134
Height (since some of you have been asking): 5’2

And some progress pictures:


  1. I found this really interesting. I have never tried pre-workout before, as I work-out between 7-9pm at night and to bed between 10.30-11pm so have always worried about being able to get to sleep. I just have a coffee before my work-out and some creatine around my work-out, i may have to try this one out! I think creatine has made me put on a bit of weight, so after my up-coming competition I think I might come off it for a while!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
    If the caffeine in your coffee doesn't keep you from falling asleep I would think you'd be ok to use a preworkout - just make sure you are only taking 1 serving :-)
    I love creatine - I use it all year! The only weight gain you should be seeing from it would be water weight, and it should be pretty minimal. How much are you taking?

    1. Yeah, caffeine doesn't seem to effect me that much, ok thanks :) I take a scoop a day, half before and after my work-out. I'm not sure what the guidelines are for women really? To be honest my diet hasn't been that great recently and I'm probably just trying to find excuses for my weight gain ha :)