Monday, February 16, 2015

What I Ate ... (Sunday 2-15)

I wanted to share another What I Ate Wednesday Sunday post today – these are fun for me and I think help people realize that dieting doesn't have to suck all the time – as long as you are getting the right macro nutrients for your body and are putting in work in the gym, you can afford a few treats here and there without gaining a million pounds!
This is everything I ate yesterday (Sunday) – it was also leg day and since I am really focusing on putting size on in my legs I try to strategically plan a higher calorie day around my leg training (and post workout poptarts!).

Breakfast was a slight variation of my favorite egg pizza – 8 egg whites, Parmesan cheese, ketchup (I am weird, I know), plus 60 grams oatmeal, cinnamon, splenda, and peanut butter.
About an hour and a half after breakfast I trained legs – I had a really good lift and am finally starting to see some progress in my legs.  Slow progress is better than no progress!  It was a very squat-heavy workout, I threw some conventional deadlifts in too – along with leg presses, hip thrusts, extensions, and pushed the sled around for a few minutes to finish.  Hoping I can finally get my wheels back by lifting heavy and eating for gains!

Immediately after my lift I had some Smores poptarts – 99% of my leg lifts are followed with poptarts (either smores or chocolate peanut butter) – the fast digesting carbs work wonders in helping my legs grow.
An hour or so after my poptarts, I fueled my body with some more substantial food – sweet potato, chicken, goat cheese, and hot sauce – seriously one of my favorite meals, I eat it almost everyday!  I usually use Parmesan cheese, but couldn't resist some goat cheese today.
I spent the next few hours cleaning, doing laundry, meal prepping, and cuddling with John and Lily – Sundays are seriously my favorite day of the week – so relaxing!
I started to get hungry a few hours later, and had some broccoli and chicken, topped with cheddar cheese and Stubb’s BBQ Sauce – I had a pickle too while I was waiting for it to heat up – pickles are my favorite!
We finished off the night watching Walking Dead (do any of you watch it, we are obsessed!) and caught the tail-end of the SNL 40th anniversary special.  And I had some Ben & Jerry’s to end the night..
Everything came in at around 3000 calories, which is a little low for a leg day (for me), but seemed to do the trick.  I want to take a minute to stress that this diet works for me, and my body – it may not work for everyone.  Will 1 bad meal make you fat, no – in the same thought, however, one healthy meal will not make you fit.  It is all about knowing what you want, and actively working towards that goal everyday – don’t expect one healthy meal and one workout to make you healthy – and don’t expect one bad meal to make you fat.  No change happens overnight.

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