Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bi-weekly check in (#2)

Time for another bi-weekly check in!  My progress lately has been slow and steady – my goal is still to increase my lean muscle mass and get my strength up – since I stopped competing I have lost a lot of muscle and strength and I am working on getting them back!  Slow and steady progress is good for me, it means that my gains are quality and that they will be much easier to maintain in the long run.  I have been eating more, doing less cardio, and decreasing my reps and those 3 factors seem to be working in my favor.  I have also been taking a lot of rest days to allow my body to recover and grow.

My workouts for the past 2 weeks:
Wed, 2/11 – Chest & Abs
Thurs, 2/12 – Legs
Fri, 2/13 – Rest
Sat, 2/14 – Shoulders & Arms
Sun, 2/15 – Legs
Mon, 2/16 – Rest
Tues, 2/17 – Back
Wed, 2/18 – Chest & Abs
Thurs, 2-19 – Legs
Fri, 2/20 – Rest
Sat, 2/21 – Shoulders & Arms
Sun, 2/22 – Legs
Mon, 2/23 – Rest
Tues, 2/24 – Back

I have really grown to enjoy this lifting schedule – Mondays are my LEAST favorite day to train because the gym is always crazy busy, and I like to take Fridays off to hang out with John, it’s been working out really well so far!

My diet has been good, lots of “bro” foods (chicken, sweet potatoes, rice, broccoli, oatmeal, tuna, STEAK, protein powder, eggs, etc…) plus poptarts and ice cream, because, gains. I always, always, ALWAYS eat poptarts after I train legs – that’s my secret… Well, that and heavy squats!

My measurements for this check in:
Calf: 14.75 inches
Quad: 22.5 inches
Hips: 36 inches
Waist: 27 inches
Forearm: 11 inches
Bicep: 13.5 inches
Weight: 135

That’s all I have for today, check back tomorrow for another sample lift (chest!) and anything else I come up with between now and then.



  1. I am back on the bro foods today after 5 days of pure indulgence! They do taste good for a change ;) You look awesome!

    1. Bro foods aren't always bad! LOL
      I know anytime I get away from them for too long I really start to miss them :-)
      And thanks girl - so do YOU!