Friday, February 13, 2015

Five Things Friday

I saw this post for the first time last week on Meg’s blog – and decided I wanted to start participating as a nice way to recap some of my favorite things from the week – thanks to Clare for hosting!

1. Favorite Meals:
Breakfast lately has been oatmeal, a scoop of chocolate protein, and peanut butter – this is a long time favorite of mine for sure!

My burger at Houston's on Saturday is definitely worthy of mention too – it was amazing!  Beef, Canadian bacon, hickory barbeque sauce, and more freshly grated cheddar cheese than I have ever seen on one burger!  I wish I would have taken a picture – it was insane!

2. Favorite blog posts:

3. Favorite songs:
Honey I’m good by Andy Grammer – I am obsessed with this song right now!  And the video is adorable..

I have been listening to a lot of Girl Talk lately too - I used to love him back in the day and his mash-ups have been making a comeback in my life!

4. Favorite Exercises:
I am really loving front squats lately and have been incorporating them in my legs days more often to hit my quads a little harder.

Handstands!  I have been really trying to work on these for a long time – I am fine against a wall, but I am really set on working on my balance so I can do one without a wall – I want to be able to get into and hold a handstand with no support by my birthday (March 21) – wish me luck!

5. Favorite quotes:

*What were 5 of your favorite things from this week?


  1. Thanks for sharing my post! I haven't done front squats in forever and I miss them!

  2. My 5 favourite things from last week were finally getting my own weightligfting belt, watching Britain's Strongest Man and World Log Record attempt, entering 2 strongwoman comps, getting a new gym outfit and having an amazing Valentine's Weekend :) I love front squats! I love the quotes as well!