Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Life Recap (GA -> CO and other happenings)


It's been awhile, and we have lots to catch upon, so please, take a seat.

First and foremost, I am now located in Fort Collins, CO!  We left Georgia July 31 and arrived in Colorado August 2 - I now a have new appreciation for truck drivers and get anxiety if I am in a car longer than 15 minutes..

My view for 3 days...
The road trip was.. interesting. We got here in one piece and are finally settling in to our new home! The biggest issue so far has been adjusting to the elevation - it really is a lot rougher than I anticipated!

I have to be honest, during the moving process/travel time/etc... my diet and training went out the window.  For the past 2ish weeks I have basically been eating whatever I can get my hands on and training has been very minimal and basically only when I can find a few minutes of spare time.

Luckily, I haven't lost anymore weight and I still look about the same - that just goes to show you that taking some time off won't destroy all your progress!  For years I was terrified to stray from my diet/training plan for fear of losing all my gains - it has taken me a long time to be OK with taking time off here and there without having a panic attack over it.

Roadtrip Day 2
Roadtrip Day 3
First lift in Colorado!
I am hoping to get my training and nutrition back on track this week, and hopefully I'll be able to start my bi-weekly check-ins again Monday (my last one was May 20th!! I'm anxious to see what kind of difference there is going to be almost 3 months later)..

In other news, I left my job of 5 years at Orica to pursue my passion of personal training!  It was not an easy decision, and has caused more sleepless nights than I can count, but ultimately I am eager and excited for the change.  I have really amped up my online training, and am interviewing for positions at local gyms in Fort Collins to begin one-on-one training!  This has been a dream of mine for 6+ years and to finally make it a reality is such a huge leap of faith.  I have never been more nervous and excited for something in my entire life!

So that's where I'm at right now - trying to figure out life on the other side of the country.. Wish me luck!  Oh, and since you haven't seen them in a few months (unless you follow me on IG) here's dumb & dumber.. They are perfectly content here in CO - honestly, I don't think they know the difference..

Fill me in! What have I missed in your life??

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