Saturday, August 22, 2015

Grey Rock Trail Hike, Fort Collins CO (Day 1)

Last Wednesday John and I hiked Grey Rock Trail in Poudre Canyon (about 20 minutes from our house in Fort Collins).  There are actually 2 trails - so we came back the next day and did the Meadows Trail too (that part will be a second post, because trust me, it deserves it's own).

It was an absolutely beautiful hike - we started around 2:30 PM and reached the first summit around 4:30 - since we started so late we didn't want to attempt the final summit due to time constraints, so we vowed to come back the next day to tackle The Rock.
It was a moderately difficult hike, pretty steep in parts but totally do-able.  We ran into a fair number of other hikers ranging in ages from children to adults - if they could do it you can!  Just take your time, it's very rocky. We saw one snake, non-venomous, but we did run into a group that saw a pretty large rattler on The Rock so just keep an eye out.

We left the first summit around 5 to head back down and made it to the Jeep by 6:15 - the descent is much faster than the climb and felt a lot less strenuous.  The whole trip took us a little under 4 hours and trust me, we took our time.  Granted, that is without summitting The Rock which based on what other hikers told us would have taken roughly an hour each way so keep that in mind for sure - it would not be a good hike to do once the sun drops for sure.

And now, the photo-dump, I will try to keep it in chronological order :-)

Check back tomorrow for Meadows Trail, the 'supposedly' easier of the two trails (spoiler alert, it kicked our asses).

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